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Based in the Dallas Area but serving Couples all over Texas!
And destination weddings too!

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While weddings are the primary service of Taylor Made Weddings and Clergy Services (and subsequently LoveNotes Weddings-DFW Clergy Services). Other ministry services are offered for your convenience

 Other Services Fees:

Pre-marital Coaching:  
Online Marriage 101- information on full set or downloadable version is available at

Personal marriage coaches are also available: Each coach sets their fee

Rev. Al Taylor's fee for premarital coaching (recognized by "TwogetherinTexas") $175
(Certificate of completion will be issued at the last session to be used to receive a discount on your marriage license from the county clerks office) call 972-803-7628. (See insert below for further information.)

Vow Renewal Ceremony: $300   

Vow Renewal and Rehearsal and ceremony: $400

Quinceanera: $325

Baptism:  $250

Children's Ceremony:  $250
(Christening            , Baby Dedication             , Naming              , Adoption ceremonies             )

House Blessing:  $150

​Funeral/Memorial/Graveside Service:  $150-250

Personal blessings/Public Prayer/Invocation for special event: $ 50 (travel fee)

(There is of course no charge for a prayer or blessing. However we ask that a $50 travel fee be provided to assist officiant in traveling to the location.)


Options for your dream wedding!
Allow me to help you create a ceremony Taylor-made just for you...
LoveNotes Ministers/Officiants perform the following Ceremonies

Traditional (Faith Based)

Contemporary (Faith Based)

Civil (Non religious)

A Christan, relgious (Faith based) ceremony. with biblical scripture readings, traditional vows and religious blessings.
Christian, semi-religious ceremony with biblical principles, contemporary Christian vows and religious blessings
Non-religious, civil ceremony with secular readings, non-traditional vows and non religious blessings.

Short and Sweet (Secular)

Second Time Around (Semi religious)

All in the family (Semi religious)

Short, secular  ceremony with very sweet, sentimental vows and romantic readings with non religious readings 
Semi-religious ceremony with appropriate vows, readings and blessings for couples who have been previously married.
Semi religious ceremony with appropriate vows, readings and blessings and special touches that include children in the ceremony.



Interfaith (Jewish/Christian)

Ceremonies that include elements from each of the bride and groom's denomination such as Catholic-Protestant,Baptist-Methodist, Lutheran- greek Orthodox, Episcopal-Presbyterian etc.
Ceremonies that celebrate your heritage with traditions and rituals from both bride and groom's cultures or races.
Jewish/Christian ceremony that includes traditions, scriptures, and vows from both the Jewish and Christian faiths.

Bilingual Ceremony

Marriage vow renewal


Recommitment ceremony with appropriate vows, readings and blessings for couples who are renewing.
I do's for two
(Spanish/English) Traditional (religious) or civil (non-religious) bilinqual ceremonies that include hispanic traditions such as the Bible, Coins and Lasso and Veil.

Our 5th edition wedding ceremony word planner " A Wedding Ceremony to Remember" , is now online. It includes a new " Romantic Ceremony ", a " Spiritual Ceremony " and an " I Do for Two Ceremony " as well as revisions of the 9 original ceremony's. There are many more wedding vows, readings and wedding traditions to choose from. It is the complete tool to help you create the ceremony of your choosing for your special day.

Enhancing Your Marriage Relationship with Premarital Coaching by Rev. Al Taylor
Although it is not a required element to officiate your wedding; if you would like to enhance your marriage relationship, premarital coaching is a great way to start off your marriage. If you would like to have a personal coach I am a registered "togetherintexas" provider of marriage coaching.  If you take an 8 hour course (quantity of hours set by State) recognized by the State of Texas at a minimal fee you will receive a certificate upon completion to receive a discount of approximately $60 off your marriage license from your County Clerks Office. While there is a cost for the course, the benefit and value of the information for support to your marriage far out weighs the cost. For more information or to arrange your sessions around your schedule call 972-803-7628 or by email to [email protected]
There is a minimal cost for having Al Taylor as your personal coach. Usually the sessions are set as 4 - 2 hour sessions at a location convenient to each bride and groom for $175.00.  This  covers the cost of travel to a couples location each week.

Call today to set up your coaching sessions: 972-803-7628​

Online options:
Another option is the Marriage 101 online marriage course which can be done in the privacy of your home by purchasing either the digital download or full DVD/workbook kit. The full set or the digital download can be purchased on the LoveNotes website at www.lovenotesweddings.com.